Programs Offered
  • Lincoln Park - Alcott Elementary's turf field and Gymnasium
  • Lake View - Hawthorne Scholastic Academy's turf field and Blaine Elementary's turf field
  • Lycée Français de Chicago's (LFC) indoor and outdoor facilities
  • At Youth Soccer International we bring outstanding programs full of fun activities and games to develop your child's soccer skills. In offer high quality coaching, Youth Soccer International keeps a 1 to 8 coach to player ratio. We offer programs all year round by using indoor and outdoor facilities depending on the season.

    It is because we love and respect the beautiful game so much that we expect our players to follow a very simple and clear code of conduct during our practices:
    • Listen to the coaches
    • Respect your teammates
    • Follow Youth Soccer International's Program

    Because of our experience in the world of soccer and extensive youth developmental research, we have divided our programs by age and skill level in the following manner:

    Our open program runs for 8-10 weeks, and it is designed for players who:
    • Enjoy sports and have a positive attitude
    • Have been exposed to little or no soccer training
    • Want to learn the fundamentals of soccer such as dribbling, passing, and shooting

    Sessions are generally an hour long. They are intense and full of fun activities. Our players will come out of the program appreciating what it means to be a team, knowing how to dribble confidently, and understanding basic passing, shooting, and ball handling. Youth Soccer International will run an assessment day in the first week to decide whether a player fits in a beginner or an advanced group.

    This program runs for 8-10 weeks and is designed for players who:
    • Enjoy soccer and have a positive attitude
    • Are willing to focus on improving their skills
    • Can perform the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting
    • Are ready to build their skills in order to prepare for competition
    • How do I register my child for the Elite program?
      Our coaching staff will determine whether a player is ready to register for Youth Soccer International's Elite program based on their prior soccer experience coupled with our own experience with kids of similar age with similar abilities. We believe that our approach helps create a successful learning environment for children who are ultimately in love with the beautiful game.

      In order to register, please contact us first by email or phone. Let us know what class you are interested in and the player's prior soccer experience.

    Sessions are generally one and a half hour long. They are intense and fun. We believe that our players will develop a strong sense of teamwork. They will learn how to dribble confidently with both legs and on multiple surfaces. They will practice various ball handling moves, field awareness and organization.

    Youth Soccer International's team of experienced and certified coaches run youth soccer programs following specific curriculums depending on the age group:
    • Click Here to see 5-6 Year Old Curriculum
    • Click Here to see 7-9 Year Old Curriculum

    We practice and play in all weather conditions except for lightning, heavy rain or other extreme weather. We will send out an email within one hour of class time when/if a class is subject to be cancelled due to weather.