YSI 2012 Teams
    Welcome to Youth Soccer International's 2012 Blue and Gray team page.
    Our 2012 Blue and Gray teams will plan on completing an exciting 2019-20 season continuing their development with twice per week practices from September through July and league competitions during the Fall, Winter, and Spring.
    We will continue challenging our 2012 players with a complete soccer curriculum and activities that will continue developing their skills. The YSI model will accounts for our players' emotional, cognitive, and physical changes within their age.
    • 2012 Blue Practices: Tuesdays 6-7 pm and Thursdays 7-8 pm
    • 2012 Gray Practices: Tuesdays 7-8 pm and Thursdays 6-7 pm
    • Kick Off: November 5th
    • No Practice: 11/14, 11/28, 12/24, 12/26, 12/31, 1/2
    • YSI 2012 Program Location:
      • Alcott Prep Gym (Map)
      • Weekend Game Locations:
        • Chicago Futsal Academy (Map)
        • Fire Winter League (Map)
    • Coach to Player Ratio 1:6
    • Need YSI Practice Gear? Click Here
      • Annual (Three Season) Program:
        • Fall (Sept-Oct)
        • Winter (Nov-Mar)
        • Spring-Summer (Apr-Jul)
      • 2 Weekly Practices
      • Outdoor Fall League (YSSL)
      • Indoor Winter League (Chicago Futsal Academy + WIYSL Fire)
      • Outdoor Spring League(YSSL)
      • Spring Soccer Fest Tournament
      • Certified and Experienced Coaches
      • Coach to Player Ratio 1:12
      • Requirements: Shin Guards and Turf Shoes (No Cleats Allowed)
      • Uniforms (Sold Separately)

      How do I register my child for the YSI 2012 Team?
      Our coaching staff will determine whether a player is ready to register for Youth Soccer International's 2012 team based on their prior soccer experience coupled with our own experience with kids of similar age with similar abilities. We believe that our approach helps create a successful learning environment for children who are ultimately in love with the beautiful game.

      In order to register, please contact us first by selecting the program of your choice below and clicking on the "Contact Us" button. Let us know what class you are interested in and the player's prior soccer experience.

      YSI 2012 Teams Annual Registration

      YSI Blue 2012

      TUE: 6-7 pm

        THU: 7-8 pm

      YSI Gray 2012

      TUE: 7-8 pm

        THU: 6-7 pm