Youth Soccer International families know that at Youth Soccer International, their kids have grown in so many ways beyond soccer. Through the “beautiful game” of soccer and the YSI culture of community, togetherness, and friendship, parents have seen their kids become happier and more confident on and off the field. The skills Youth Soccer International players learn are transformative and “game-changing.”

At Youth Soccer International, we are able to do this by focusing on our core mission - which is to provide a high-quality experience for every player.

A high-quality experience is one in which every player:

  • Has fun playing the game;
  • Learns skills and strategies of the game and improves as a player;
  • Learns sportsmanship, fair play, dedication, and the principles of teamwork;
  • Feels valued regardless of how they perform;
  • Receives encouraging and constructive coaching;
  • Feels like they are a part of a tight-knit community of players, families and coaches; and
  • Graduates from Youth Soccer International with a lifelong passion and love for the beautiful game of soccer.


At Youth Soccer International, there’s a distinct culture of community, togetherness, and friendship, among the players and families alike. You can feel it in the air. There is something special and intangible about the YSI community that is hard to put into words. You can see it in the way that YSI kids play as a team together and the way they cheer each other on and celebrate victories together. There is so much friendship in the organization. Youth Soccer International really feels like a family, which is why we call ourselves, “The YSI Family.”


At Youth Soccer International, we focus on children 5 - 12 years old. We focus on this age group because this is the age when organizations can have the most impact on kids - how kids learn a sport at this age, the style of coaching and philosophy of the organization can either lead to early burnout or spark in them a love for soccer and sports in general that will last a lifetime. By tailoring our approach to the physical and social emotional needs of this younger age group, we feel that we can give our younger kids the attention they need and the kind of supportive and play-based environment they need to thrive both on and off the field, as well as fall in love with the beautiful game. Focusing our approach on this younger age group allows us to give our players the undivided attention they need.


Too many youth soccer academies focus on winning results in poorly played soccer - a style of play and a tendency by coaches to exploit the raw physical abilities of early bloomers in the pursuit of club or team statistics. Clubs that have this mentality: 1) focus on the early bloomer players at the expense of other players, and 2) fail to provide the late bloomer players with advanced training and the right soccer environment to succeed later when their size and physical capabilities mature.

This is not the YSI way. At Youth Soccer International, we aspire to provide a high-quality experience for every player as opposed to a select group of early bloomer players. We believe that just because a player doesn’t show strong skills on the field today does not mean that they won’t tomorrow. If a child is provided the right environment and the same high-quality coaching that more advanced players receive, excellence is possible.


At Youth Soccer International, we strive to make our curriculums fun and engaging because fun is what we believe our 5 to 12 year old kids should be having at their age. High pressure coaching and an emphasis on winning over the well-being of players are proven to be ineffective - and lead to kids feeling demoralized at an early age and early burnout. In fact, 70 percent of young athletes drop out of team sports by age 13, citing lack of fun as their main reason for quitting. By incorporating fun into how we teach, we strive to spark in our kids a lifelong love of sports so that they will stay in the game long after they graduate from Youth Soccer International.

At Youth Soccer International, we also do not believe in early specialization in any one sport. ​​Many believe that starting to focus on one sport early on will make kids more likely to get scholarships or reach dreams of “going pro.” The thought is that the earlier a child starts practicing a skill, the earlier they’ll become an expert at it. The truth is, however, that “less than 1 percent of kids grow up to be pro athletes. The point in getting kids involved in sports isn’t to raise the next Serena or Lebron, says sport psychologist and parenting expert Jim Taylor, PhD. It’s to give them the mental tools to be healthy, happy and successful for the rest of their lives. The secret, he says, is creating positive athletic experiences and not buying into the “youth sports industrial complex.’” Youth Soccer International’s instructional approach is modeled after these values - we believe in competition but not at the expense of our players’ emotional well-being. We want, more than anything, for our players to enjoy playing soccer and build their confidence on and off the field!


One of the reasons families are drawn to us is because the word "International" is in our name. "International" is in our name because we wanted our name to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of our founders and coaches (with over 6 languages spoken among us). Another reason we have "International" in our name is to highlight how international the beautiful game of soccer is, and the wonderful ability soccer has to break down barriers and bring together people from all walks of life and from all over the world.